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 HyperScript Tools Flame

Has anyone else developed a user interface centered around the Wingz spreadsheet?
My company has developed a large interface that enhanced and was centered
around a user's ability to use the spreadsheet interface.  Informix
has decided that they will offer two product, HyperScript Tools Development and
Runtime.  They keep telling me I should purchase the Runtime until I mention
that my users need spreadsheet access.  What did they think people needed????
Wingz was a spreadsheet application!!!!!  People probably developed around
the spreadsheet tool.  Thus offering a Runtime with out a user spreadsheet
interface is idiotic!!!  I have heard that they are now considering releasing
the Wingz 2.0 product that is still discussed in the HST manuals, but doesn't
exist.  If they offered a runtime with a spreadsheet tool, that would
make a lot of sense.  I feel Wingz was a spreadsheet ahead of its time when
it was released in ?1985? (I think).  Wingz is much better than Lotus 1-2-3 on
Sun, although it does have a few quirky problems.  

I recommend everyone to contact Informix and press for a runtime spreadsheet

The other problem I have is their pricing scheme.  They are offering a $199
upgrade from Wingz to the HST development package as long as you buy the $200
support package as well.  That means that for every copy of Wingz I need to
upgrade to the Development package (since Runtime won't work), I need to

It is unfortunate that Informix does not feel that they are in the spreadsheet
business anymore, since Hyperscript Tools looks like it has the best spreadsheet
interface available on the Unix Motif platform.


Sat, 17 Aug 1996 00:33:49 GMT
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