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 OO Modelers Needed

AustUS Advisory, Inc. exclusively represents a company in the
gorgeous location of Tampa, Florida which specializes in advanced
distributed computing.    This fast growing company has immediate
openings and outstanding career potential for the following salaried

EXPERTISE               Distributed Object Technology Modelers,  $60-100K,
depending on experience

TITLE                   Infrastructure Modeler    -OR-  Information Modeler

Minimum of five year IS industry experience, with the previous two
using object technology.  Responsible for modeling and implementing
within enterprise architectures at the technology abstraction level.  
Identify key capabilities for the computing methods, languages,
RDBMS, OODBMS and ORB technologies.  Must have excellent
communication skills both verbal and written, and should feel
comfortable making presentations.   Travel may be required.

Methods/Technical Skills should include many of the following:
Multiple platforms and operating systems, C++, Smalltalk, Forte,
CLOS, Eiffel, Unix, Windows, Booch, Rumbaugh, Unified Method,
Schlaer/Mellor, Fusion, Jacobson, Versant, ObjectStore, Gemstone,
ObjectManager, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, C++, Smalltalk, CLOS,
Eiffel, Forte, JAVA, Xshell, Powerbroker, ORBIX, ISIS, DCE, CORBA,
OLE, DCOM, SOM/DSOM, Rational Rose, Paradigm Plus, Objectory, OMT.

Please respond to:    
Contact         Sarah Pope, Senior Partner

Fax #                   (813) 949-4913          
Voice #                 (813) 852-8947        

Youve heard of technology firms where creativity and skill are
emphasized over bureaucracy and politics.   What if you found a firm
that also emphasizes integrity and commitment  to an extent that
projects where there is no clear path to delivery are not accepted
and delivering on a promised result is an "always" and not an
"infrequent" occurrence?   If this e{*filter*}s you, please contact us.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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