PC 4gl and MSC 6.0 
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 PC 4gl and MSC 6.0

Problems when using PC ver Informix 4GL with Microsoft 6.0 compiler.

Computer: 386/4mb

I really don't understand how this is supposed to work...

1  Compiling from the Programmer's Environment generates "out of heap space".
   This happens regardless of using "pstartsql" or "startsql".

2. From the command line:

   a. running "pstartsql"

      1) c4gl works
      2) pc4gl generates symbol defined more than once in

   b. running "startsql"

      1) c4gl - generates error D2027 could not execute ...bin\c2.exe
      1) pc4gl- generates error D2027 could not execute ...bin\c2.exe

Microsoft 6.0 was installed as per the Informix installation options
for C 6.0.

Could somebody help me configure these products?


Michael J. Kuhn  Consultant  phone:301-254-7060

       c/o Baltimore Rh Typing Laboratory, Inc.  phone:301-225-9595

Sun, 24 Apr 1994 02:54:04 GMT
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