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MENLO PARK, Calif., (April 17, 1996) -- Informix Software, Inc.
(NASDAQ:IFMX), the leading provider of innovative database technology,
today announced its support of Digital Equipment Corporations new UNIX
TruCluster Solutions  environment. The company is scheduled to deliver
INFORMIX(R)-OnLine Extended Parallel Server (OnLine XPS), its
high-performance relational database management system (RDBMS) for shared
nothing computing architectures, on the new environment in the second
half of 1996.

OnLine XPS will take advantage of the performance benefits of
Digital's TruCluster Solutions environment by exploiting the power of the
large memory addressibility inherent in 64-bit environments. Sixty-four
bit environments provide customers with significant performance increases
for very large database (VLDB) and business-critical applications such as
OLTP, decision support and data warehousing, thereby enabling customers
to capture vital information and utilize it to make quicker strategic
business decisions. The shared-nothing design of OnLine XPS also offers
near-linear scalability across the Digital Memory Channel cluster

With Digital's TruCluster Solutions, Digital is taking full
advantage of the  outstanding performance of the company's powerful
AlphaServer systems and High-speed Memory Channel interconnect, its
industry-leading 64-bit UNIX operating system, and 13 years of clustering
expertise to deliver new standards of performance, scalability and system
and applications availability.

Informix recently demonstrated record-breaking TPC-C performance
on Digital's open systems platform with INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server(TM)
version 7.2. OnLine Dynamic Server delivered 13,646 tpmC at an
outstanding price/performance level of $277/tpmC, running the Digital
AlphaServer Model 8400 5/350. "OnLine XPS running on TruCluster will
enable as many as eight similarly configured servers to be clustered into
a single group," said David Watson, director of database marketing,
Informix.  "This solution, with its near-linear scalability, will fully
utilize all available resources to deliver massive transaction processing
power, capable of running the most demanding OLTP applications such as
airline reservation systems."

"We are very pleased that Informix, a recognized leader in the
database arena, has chosen to make OnLine XPS available on Digital's UNIX
clustering platform," said Patrick Smyth, Digital's Director of UNIX
Marketing. "UNIX TruCluster Solutions is a major step forward in Digital's
ongoing commitment to deliver the most comprehensive high-performance
UNIX systems to the customer community."

Digital and Informix: Strong Partnership, Technologies, Customer Base

Informix has worked closely with Digital to optimize OnLine
Dynamic Server  and OnLine XPS to take full advantage of Digital's large
memory address capability. OnLine Dynamic Server on Digital Alpha
provides for I/O efficiency and query optimization techniques for both
OLTP and data warehousing applications with key features such as
multithreading, asynchronous read-ahead, row-level locking, database
partitioning, hash joins, and parallel data query.

The performance of INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server on Digital has
driven joint customer implementations of the technologies for OLTP and
data warehousing applications. Some of these customers include: 3Com
Corporation, a pioneer of data networking solutions; the Legislative
Service Center for the State of Washington, which provides information
technology services to the Legislature and other organizations requiring
access to legislative information; Nash Finch, the third largest
wholesaler in the U.S.; Sumitomo Bank, the worlds fourth-largest bank;
Tele-charge, the second largest provider of electronic ticketing services
in the U.S., and the United Kingdoms Royal Navy.

Informix and Digital have also extended their partnership to
include a joint data warehousing initiative with systems integrator KPMG.
The initiative exploits the capabilities of the three companies
technologies and services for the data warehouse market. A competency
center and lab where customers may test their applications, as well as
cross-training for technical staff to increase their knowledge about each
companies products, has been established at KPMGs Radnor, PA. facility.

OnLine XPS

OnLine XPS is the third in an ongoing series of database products
based on Informix's Dynamic Scalable Architecture(TM) (DSA) parallel database
technology. OnLine XPS extends the architecture to loosely coupled or
shared-nothing computing architectures, including clusters of symmetric
multiprocessors (SMPs) and massively parallel processors (MPPs). OnLine
XPS is designed to support large database environments for OLTP, data
warehousing, imaging, document management, and workflow database
applications.  The product also offers new features including enhanced
parallel SQL operations, high availability capabilities, and a suite of
systems management tools based on the Tivoli Management Environment (TME).

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