PRESS: Microsoft and Informix Sign Marketing Agreement 
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 PRESS: Microsoft and Informix Sign Marketing Agreement

Microsoft and Informix Sign Marketing Agreement To Offer
Client/Server Package

REDMOND, Wash. -- (November 2, 1993) -- Microsoft(R) Corporation
and Informix Software Inc. today announced a worldwide sales and
marketing agreement to expand client/server offerings for the
Microsoft Windows NT(TM) platform.  Available in January 1994,
Informix will offer a promotional package consisting of the Windows
NT Advanced Server operating system and the INFORMIX(R)-SE
Client/Server Software Developers Kit (SDK) for Microsoft Windows
NT, a developers kit containing Informix's database server for
Windows NT and a complete set of Informix client connectivity
modules for the Microsft Windows operating system.  

Targeted at corporate developers and value added resellers (VARs),
the promotional package will be sold through distributors and the
Informix direct sales force worldwide.  A special introductory
suggested retail price (SRP) of $1795, offered in the U.S. for a
six-month period, will allow developers to create Windows NT
Advanced Server database solutions at a substantially reduced cost.
Sold separately, all the products in the package would cost
approximately $5,000 (SRP).

The product promotion is being offered as part of the Microsoft
Solution Provider program. In addition to the product offering, the
agreement includes cooperative advertising, direct mail and other
supportive marketing efforts. Training and technical support
programs will be provided to Microsoft Solutions Providers and
Informix's VARs and its direct sales force.  Also, as part of the
aggressive training program, Microsoft and Informix will provide
regional kick-off meetings to introduce the package and its
relationship to VARs and Solutions Providers throughout the United

Available later in 1994, Informix also plans to offer its enterprise
on-line transaction processing server, INFORMIX-OnLine, for the
Windows NT Advanced Server environment.

"The Microsoft and Informix business strategies are very
synergistic, " said Dwayne Walker,  director of the Worldwide
Solution Providers program at Microsoft.  "Both companies are
committed to working with a variety of third-party partners to bring
more high-end line-of-business solutions to the marketplace.
Microsoft is the world's leading supplier of PC operating systems,
while Informix is the leading supplier of UNIX relational database
management systems and has the largest UNIX installed base with more
than 700,000 licenses worldwide, as well as 3500 UNIX VARs with more
than 10,000 existing applications.  This powerful combination opens
up a whole new world of options to users.

"The combination of Windows NT Advanced Server with the Informix
database products opens up a pool of very knowledgeable developers
and Solution Providers who have proven experience in offering a
wealth of mission-critical applications on UNIX," Walker said.  

"Together, INFORMIX-SE and Windows NT Advanced Server offer a great
solution for client/server business applications on the NT platform,"
said Steve Sommer, vice president of marketing at Informix.
"INFORMIX-SE is ideally suited to this environment because it is
exceptionally easy to install, configure, and deploy; has low
database administration demands; and is proven, reliable technology.
For customers who have transaction-intensive computing environments,
applications developed with INFORMIX-SE are easily migratable to
INFORMIX-OnLine for online transaction processing."

"Deciding to begin development with the INFORMIX-SE SDK and Windows
NT Advanced Server is an important business decision for us," said
Bob Bearden, CEO at Munics Information Systems, Inc., an Informix
VAR. "We want to offer application solutions to customers that are
on the cutting edge of technology, giving these customers the
flexibility to choose the best computing environment for their
needs. Offering our customer more choices makes us more

Product Details

Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1 provides a client/server
platform that brings the enterprise to desktop computer users.  The
product serves as an ideal open platform for business solutions.  It
features powerful, 32-bit pre-emptive multitasking; access to
gigabytes of memory and terabytes of disk storage; built-in
networking; and scalability to run on Intel(R) RISC and symmetric
multiprocessing systems.

Also included in the package is a complete set of products users
need to begin relational database management system (RDBMS)
development with confidence on the Windows NT platform. INFORMIX-SE
version 5.01 is a low-overhead RDBMS ideal for early development on
the Windows NT platform.  The product requires minimum database
administration expertise yet provides reliable performance and
sophisticated features that assure data consistency in multiuser
configurations. INFORMIX-SE takes advantage of client/server
features such as stored procedures,  triggers, and ANSI
SQL-89-compliant declarative integrity constraints.

In addition to INFORMIX-SE, the package will include
INFORMIX-ESQL/C, a tool which allows C-based Windows applications to
access Informix databases; INFORMIX-SQL, a database application
development tool that provides database administration facilities to
the server; and INFORMIX-NET PC,  a tool that provides communication
between an Informix database server and a client PC.  

Also included in the Informix client/server kit is an Open Database
Connectivity (ODBC) Informix driver that will allow customers to use
any ODBC-enabled third-party client tool and link it to the Informix
server running on Windows NT Advanced Server. Customers also have a
choice of more than 250 third-party tools that support the Informix
database servers from companies such as Powersoft, Gupta
Technologies and Uniface Corporation .

For developers who already have the Windows NT Advanced Server
operating system, Informix will make available, as a separate
product, INFORMIX-SE Client/Server SDK for Windows NT at a special
introductory SRP of $995. This bundle is also scheduled for
availability in January 1994.

The Microsoft Solution Provider program consists of independent
organizations working with Microsoft to help customers successfully
implement business solutions. The program incorporates a wide range
of companies and individuals such as value-added resellers,
developers, consultants, technical support and training
organizations who are engaged in one or many aspects of applying
technology and services toward helping customers solve business

Informix Software Inc. (NASDAQ: IFMX) provides the most complete and
productive database technology to build, deploy, run, and evolve
applications.  Informix products include powerful distributed
database management systems, robust application development tools,
and graphical- and character-based productivity software for
delivering information to every significant desktop platform.  With
corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., Informix has European
headquarters in London and Asia/Pacific headquarters in Singapore.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is the worldwide leader in
software for personal computers.  The company offers a wide range of
products and services for business and personal use, each designed
with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people
to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every

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