Developer needs advice from Informix guru 
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 Developer needs advice from Informix guru

We used this under 9.21, no problems.

The two servers were on private 100 M/bit net work.

Wayne E Martin
Informix Database Administrator
Kmart Corporation

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Subject: Developer needs advice from Infromix guru

I am developing a batch job using transactions that span databases on
two different servers.  My plan was to use remote synonyms and write
the job as a stored procedure, but the DBAs fear that remote synonyms
may take down the target server, is anyone aware of this as a problem

Their suggestion is to reference the remote tables with explicit path

don't want to hard code environment specific information into a
procedure that has to live in dev, qa, and prod environments.  Is
there any way to make this dynamic within the procedure?  Also, will
begin/rollback/commit work within this procedure given that part of
the transaction will be remote?

TIA - Chris

Sun, 21 Mar 2004 01:22:59 GMT
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