Conditional exit for SQL 
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 Conditional exit for SQL

Hi family,

I am writing a shell script to validate .unl files for dumbness like
internal duplication of primary key columns, as well as checking them
against P-Key values already in the target table.  In order to keep
everything in a single file, I am using awk with the entire script
between the 'single quotes' and running with a "hereis"document. i.e.
dbaccess database - <<%%
... SQL code ...

I have noticed that when I run a shell script this way, dbaccess
continues on the the %% marker even if there is an SQL error. I would
like it to stop on an error and exit dbaccess.

An even greater need: If I find replicate P-Keys using the "select
count(*).., which is not an error, I would like the script to stop as

Effectively, what I want is for dbaccess to exit or abort based on a
non-zero count of some queries.

Does anyone know of a method (a kluge will do) to cause this?  I just
tried an experiment - select (1/(col - col)) from a_table to trick it
into a zero-divide.  No luck: it came up with (expression) and no rows

I am experimenting with splitting up the SQL script into several
"hereis" documents and using shell to [test for zero length] but I would
rather do it neatly in SQL directly.

Thanks for ideas.
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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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