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 4gl problem-jmuss

4gl problem of not seeing "updated" data when doing a next and previous
fetch after doing an update.

What you are fetching has already been retrieved from the database when
you prepared and carried out cursor activities. The "old" data is still in
the memory locations you fetched it into so fetching will bring it back
unless you "update" your memory as well as your database.  Depending on
the application, you might want to reexecute the cursor activity to
refresh your memory information or provide some other means of alerting
the user that an update has indeed occurred whether you go through the
cursor gyration again or not.

Good luck
Con Woodall Colorado St. U.; Veterinary Teaching Hospital; Ft. Collins

Opinions not nec. employer's, but mine might be right.  Then again...

Sat, 15 Jun 1996 02:53:03 GMT
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