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  Is anyone else here using Wingz or Hyperscript Tools for developing
front ends to databases???  If so, I am inerested in hearing your opinions
repgarding porting of applications from one platform to another, and
if you have done it, porting from Wingz 1.1 to Hyperscript Tools.

  I am in the middle of development of a system with Wingz 1.1,
on SCO Unix with the SE engine.  Performance is not great, but then
we are loading down the 386/33's with a lot of stuff (Unix, X, motif,
SE & Wingz).  We'll work on that later though . . .

  Anyways, right now, everything is being developed to run on stand alone
SCO machines.  Eventually, we will pull the database off the machines
and access the DB remotely.  I assume this does not require much change
except in how the application logs onto the database, assuming I keept the
whole things in unix.

  But eventually, we will probably be asked to port this to MS-Windows.
What are the potential problems?  Are fonts a problem?  Will the screens
need to be adjusted?  What are our options for setting up the DB?
Can informix run the engine and Wingz all under Windows?  What would be
required to run the DB on a server on a PC based network?

  What should I keep in mind for the design?  Right now, all functions
for setting all colors, fonts, styles, and stuff are consolidated into
one single script, so I can change them instantly.  I believe I have
made anything which is OS specific a variable (such as a directory
separator), so I can port the application quickly.  Any unexpected
nuisances I should watch out for???

  I tried asking Informix sales reps before . . .  They'll call right back.
I'm thinking of leaving a note for my replacement years from now when
I leave the company so he is not caught unaware when someone calls back
with an answer . . .

  If it were all up to me, I'd pull the DB off onto a unix server and
never even touch DOS based machine, but we don't have much choice.
Any help/hits would be appreciated!

 X OLX 2.2 X We tortured the data until it confessed.

Mon, 18 Dec 1995 00:35:04 GMT
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