Simultaneous Access to SE and Online 
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 Simultaneous Access to SE and Online

Is it possible to access both an Online and a SE database from within
the same program?

I have to write an application that archives records from a SE database
to an Online database (no, I cannot move the SE database itself to Online
since there are C-ISAM applications running on it). After the record is
inserted into the Online system, an archive flag must be set in the
record in the SE system.

I know this can be done using to separate processes, one reading from
SE and one writing to Online, with the appropriate methods of IPC between
them. But can I save myself from all that programming (I am NOT experienced
in IPC) by doing it all from within the same frontend program?

Regards, Richard

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Sat, 08 Jun 1996 17:09:08 GMT
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