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 Charter, IIUG/Linux SIG

For those of you interested, I've included a draft charter of a Linux SIG
maintained under the auspices of the IIUG.  I'm seeking feedback, comments,
suggestions, flames.  Please send all such to me directly, as this is hardly
topical for c.d.i. (yeah, never mind I've posted to c.d.i.).  Thanks.

Kurt Wall

...............[perforated for your tearing convenience].................

The linux-informix mailing list, originally established as part of an
advocacy effort to further the IIUG's effort to persuade Informix to port
their products to the Linux OS platform, has, in general, met its goals.
It is essential for Linux that an enterprise-class RDBMS continue to be
available, under active development, and that the level of support available
be equivalent to that available for other platforms.  It is equally essential
to Informix as an ongoing concern to foster the emerging base of Informix users
who run Linux.  

The IIUG, the primary formal association mediating between Informix and its
users, is the obvious focal point for such activity.  So, this document
outlines the purposes, activities, structure, and operations of a proposed
IIUG Linux Special Interest Group (Linux SIG).

The purposes of the Linux SIG are:
1) To ensure continued support of the Linux OS as a platform for Informix
   database engines, development tools and other Informix products as might
   emerge.  In particular, the Linux SIG seeks to establish and maintain
   Linux as a platform equal in status to and as worthy of support as
   "traditional" operating systems, such as HP-UX and SunOS/Solaris;
2) To represent the needs and interests of the Linux community, with respect
   to database technology, to both the IIUG and to Informix;
3) To facilitate peer-to-peer communication among users and persons interested
   in Informix and Linux;
4) To provide a forum and a resource for Linux users with respect to both the
   IIUG and to Informix.  This role includes, but is not limited to, advocacy,
   technical assistance, discussion, and all of the purposes stated in Article
   II, Purpose, of the IIUG Charter.

The Linux SIG's organizational structure will resemble that of the IIUG, as
defined in Article III, Organizational Structure, of the IIUG Charter.
Specifically, the Linux SIG will have a Board of Directors consisting of at
least four, and not more than eight, individuals, of whom one will be chosen
by election of the Board, as President.  The Board itself will be chosen by
election of the general membership of the Linux SIG.  The Directors serve
terms as defined in Article IV, Term of Directors, of the IIUG Charter.

The IIUG Board of Directors member with oversight responsibilities for IIUG
SIGs has a permanent seat on the Board of Directors of the Linux SIG, but may
not serve as President of the Linux SIG.

Informix Software may, and is encouraged, to designate one person to serve
on the Linux SIG's Board of Directors.  Approval of this Board member is
subject to the vote of other Board members, under the conditions specifed in
Section II.B. of the IIUG Bylaws.  The Informix Software representative may
not serve as President of the Linux SIG.

The Linux SIG operates a mailing list, linux-informix, hosted by the IIUG.
The mailing list serves as the primary forum for SIG activity until such time
as the Board, or the membership with the advice of the Board, find it necessary
to change.  The mailing list primarily provides support for users of Informix
on Linux, but is not limited to this role.  Advocacy, training, and publicity
also constitute legitimate SIG activites.

The Board may, at its discretion, create additional mailing lists or other
fora as it sees fit.  The Board will report its activities to the general
membership on a quarterly basis, with due respect for issues of privacy and
competitive advantage.  

All Linux SIG activity will be conducted professionally and honestly.  The
SIG and its members, particularly the Board of Directors, and especially in
relations with Informix Software, are expected to to adhere to the guidelines
specified in the Advocacy Program Participant Policy, available at

The Linux SIG claims all of the privileges due it as a Special Interest Group
as defined in Section VI, Privileges of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), of
the IIUG Bylaws.  The IIUG accords the Linux SIG full rights as defined
in the organization's Charter and Bylaws.

Unless otherwise specified in this document, the Linux SIG's operation will
follow that of the IIUG charter, as amended.  Accordingly, the Linux SIG is
obliged to abide by the rules set forth in the IIUG Charter and Bylaws.

...............[perforated for your tearing convenience].................

Informix on Linux FAQ => http://www.***.com/ ~kwall

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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