Informix archive files via e-mail 
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 Informix archive files via e-mail

If you have been unable to retrieve Informix-related files from the archive
on because you don't have access to FTP, you may be
interested to learn that the FTP mail server at seems to be
responding again.

The mail server acts as an intermediary that takes your request by e-mail,
gets the files you want via FTP from, then e-mails those
files back to you.  This mail is given a low priority so that "first-class"
mail will still move quickly through decwrl, so you may have to wait a day
or so.

of the word "help".  The subject will be ignored.  Here is an excerpt from
that message:

> this help file was last edited on 08-August-1991

> commands are:

>   reply <MAILADDR>    set reply addr, since headers are usually wrong
>   connect [HOST [USER [PASS]]]  defaults to, anonymous
>   chdir PLACE     "get" and "ls" commands are relative to PLACE
>                   (only one CHDIR per ftpmail session)
>   ls (or dir) PLACE   short (long) directory listing
>   get FILE        get a file and have it mailed to you
>   quit            terminate script, ignore rest of mail message
>                   (use if you have a .signature or are a VMSMAIL user)

> notes:

>   -> you must give a "connect" command, default host is
>, default user is anonymous, default
>      password is your mail address.

>   -> all retrieved files will be split into 60KB chunks and mailed.

>   -> several mail unsplitters are hiding on in
>      /pub/mail/ua/misc/unsplit.  includes one in c, one in perl,
>      and one in VMS DCL.

The first files you should get from the archive are "README" and "ls-lR"
in the directory /pub/informix.  The message that *I* would send to
decwrl to do that might look like the following (*you* would of course
use a different "reply" command):

    chdir /pub/informix
    get README
    get ls-lR

Note that the command to change directories is "chdir", not "cd".  Only
one file is allowed for a "get", but you can request multiple files in one
message.  Also, you can "get" absolute pathnames, so I could have used:

    get /pub/informix/README
    get /pub/informix/ls-lR

All files currently in the archive are ASCII, which is the default format
for the server.  Some of the files have been placed in shar files for
grouping or to protect the format.

I don't know if there is a limiting mechanism on the amount of stuff you
can download, but courtesy and common sense should dictate a little self-
restraint.  Servers like the one at decwrl provide a valuable resource to
the Net, but they'll go away if they're abused.

mathcs.  If you have trouble getting the server to work, let me know.



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Wed, 10 Aug 1994 01:54:31 GMT
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