Changing to logging under New Era App 
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 Changing to logging under New Era App

When we first coded our New Era application, we were developing on a
database that did not have transaction logging. Now, for various
reasons, we MUST turn logging on (on an OnLine 7 database).

Unfortunately, we never wrote code into our application to handle
transactions. All our SuperTables are set to no lock mode and there is
no code to handle the begin and end work equivelents.

We tried turning logging on, but of course no changes made to the
database using our New Era application were committed. What a disaster.

I would like to do the least amount or re-coding as possible to start
with, as the need to change to transaction logging is critical.

Has anyone tried the following:

Set the connection options for the implicit connection object to
autoCommit mode, and left the SuperTables in no lock mode? How does the
application behave? what are the risks?

Has anyone, written all the code for handling transactions? What are the
benefits of each SuperTable mode (pessimistic and optimistic)?

Again, I am looking for the quickest short term solution and then we can
go back and re-code to handle things the right way.

Thanks for any comments,


Devan Dewey
Manager of Technology Services
Segue Software

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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