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 IIUG - Reminder about survey and ATE

Just a quick reminder that the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is
conducting, on its website, several activities that should be of interest to
most of you here in this group.  These activities include a survey on
potential features to be added to the Dynamic Server engine as well as
collecting questions for Informix executives and developers as part of the Ask
The Experts (ATE) track sessions at the Informix Worldwide Users Conference.

Informix has identified several features they think may be of interest to us
as end users of the products and the IIUG is attempting to gather your opinions.
To participate, point your browser to

The ATE track sessions at this year's conference in Seattle continue the IIUG's
tradition of providing "News That You Can Use."  This year we have expanded
your opportunity to ask questions to developers by creating separate sessions
on engines and application tools/connectivity products.  In addition, there will
be a session with members of Informix's senior management team.  The IIUG
invites you to submit your questions for any of these sessions by pointing
your browser to

The IIUG would like to remind you that the technical sessions will not deal
with technical support issues, rather product architecture, future direction,
behind-the-scenes, and under-the-covers issues will be discussed.

See you soon in Seattle!

Carlton Doe
Director, IIUG Advocacy Program

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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