illegal character in sql statement (#202) in kind of using SAP 
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 illegal character in sql statement (#202) in kind of using SAP


i'm using informix dynamic server in release 7.30 UC5 and i wish to make a
complete copy from a R/3-Database (4.0b).
In this case i  have 2 problems.:

When (e.g.) i will use the following statements to build an index on the new

>> create unique index "sapr3".apqi~1 on "sapr3".apqi (qid); <<

The tilde ("~") in the index name produce the sql error 202 (An illegal
character has been found in the statement.)
How can i 'tell the database' to create a such index with the special
character "~"?

There are problems to create any views (e.g.).:

>> create view "sapr3".otr_jo01 (objctyp, ..., "text") as select x1.objctyp

,... where ( x1.guid = x0.guid );
The string ("text") are interpreted as a reserved string for informix. There
comes the error message 201
(A syntax error has occurred.)

How can i solve this problems?
Can anybody help?
/Thanks from Peter

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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