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 NCR 3445 / Informix Online # of users

We have a problem and I know someone here can help :)

We have an NCR 3445 with 16MB of memory running NCR SVR4 version 1.02.
We are using Informix on-line version 4.1.  Our problem is that
Our problem is that we are only able to have between 6 and 9 users
executing Informix applications at the same time.
When someone else tries to sign on, they get an unknown system error number 11.

The description of this from the Unix System V/386 Release 4

Programmer's Reference Manual says:
     EAGAIN     No more processes
          For example, the fork routine failed because the system's process
          table is full or the user is not allowed to create any more
          processes, or a system call failed because of insufficient
          memory or swap space.

When we run a sar report, we can see that there are only 90-100 processes
running.  In addition to this, we can also see that about 25MB of 32MB of
swap space is still free.  The only thing we can figure is that we are
running out of memory.  If this is the case, why isn't the system swapping
to disk or paging memory in and out?  

Any ideas?

Wed, 10 Aug 1994 01:24:41 GMT
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