Informix Datablade API manual errata? maybe ... 
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 Informix Datablade API manual errata? maybe ...

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Preamble: I have the following db structures:

create row type ad_valid_t (
  adid integer not null,
  ts integer not null,
  count integer not null,
  valid integer not null);

create row type ad_user_t (
  uid integer not null,
  ts integer not null,
  ads list(ad_valid_t not null)

create table x of type ad_user_t

Problem: nNow, I want to insert a record into the x table using
a prepared statement(C/MI library/Client application):
stmt = mi_prepare(conn,"insert into x values(?,?,?)",NULL);

The manual says:
"For client LIBMI applications, pass all values (regardless of
data type) by reference".- Informix Datablade API- programmer's
manual, page 5-29.

I respected the line for the above structure and ran into some problems
, 'cause, although everything worked ok allocating the collection and
obtaining the proper descriptors,  the row inserted was full of garbage.

I changed the addressing mode for the parameters (by value,
NOT by reference) and voila! the inserted row was suddenly ok.
- see the commented lines below marked with question marks ...

Now, did anybody run into this before me? What's funny is that
it seems that there is only one row (and not a row in a list (like
it works like the manual said.
If somebody know what's happening, please!, enlighten me.

The C code follows:
      long pos = 1;
      while(currindex != -1) {
        pCell = advipc_getDataCell(currindex);

        /* ???? coll_values[0] = &(pCell->data.ld_data.ID); */
        coll_values[0] = pCell->data.ld_data.ID;
        coll_nulls[0] = MI_FALSE;

        /*????? coll_values[1] = &(pCell->data.ld_data.countPerAcc);*/
        coll_values[1] = pCell->data.ld_data.countPerAcc;
        coll_nulls[1] = MI_FALSE;

        /* ????? coll_values[2] = &(count); */
        coll_values[2] = count;
        coll_nulls[2] = MI_FALSE;

        /* ????? coll_values[3] = &(valid); */
        coll_values[3] = valid;
        coll_nulls[3] = MI_FALSE;

        row = mi_row_create(conn, rowdesc, coll_values, coll_nulls);
        if(row != NULL) {
          mi_collection_insert(conn, colldesc, row, MI_CURSOR_ABSOLUTE,
        currindex = pCell->next;


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