ON-LINE 7.13 crash and some other problems, help 
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 ON-LINE 7.13 crash and some other problems, help

Hi net,
We have a production DB, 700 stored procedures. We have some problems.
1, sometimes, the performance will suddenly drop.
   using "onstat -g seg" to check, found out memory is not enough,
   so I use "onmode -F" to release some memory, but the DB crash!!

2, can anyone tell me how to use "violations mode"?
      I want to take advantage of Column Constraint, when I insert a record
      to table A, when the record against the column constraint of table A,
      like duplicate kye value, then I want to insert this record into another
      table B with a sequence number and an integer to indicate how often
      this violation has happened.

3, How to cacaulate the extent size and how to set the fragmentation

if possible, please e-mail me.      Thanks in advance.


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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