PW7/32 on NT351 & Netware 312 problem w/query form 
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 PW7/32 on NT351 & Netware 312 problem w/query form

PW7/32+update4 is installed on NT 3.51 Server (sp5) and data is on Netware
3.12. In the first new query form I opened, I type a letter and nothing
appeared on the screen. I typed the letter lower case and it appeared. I
backspaced it and typed upper case; that appeared. (No problem with the same
operation in PW5.) I have not yet tried this when referencing a file on the
local drive. Is there an update to the BDE I should have?

At the file date for bde35.exe is 2/14
but the index comments that the update is to support 32-bit FAT.

Does anybody have experience with this type of problem?


Sun, 05 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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