A question about prepared SQL statements 
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 A question about prepared SQL statements

I am having this problem:

Using Borland's BDE function

DbiQSetParams ( hSt[i],  np,  pfd ,  ( pBYTE )  ptr1 )

I never get my function

DbiQExec ( hSt[i], &ar[aa].a_fd )

To send the actual contents of variable "ptr1" during the time this second
function is executed. Address "ptr1" never changes during the program. What
DOES CHANGE is the contents of that address. "pfd" is not changing (for
now), but it might change. Is this possible?

The question is (since this is not totally clear in the Borland

is the DbiQSetParams() supposed to be executed every single time a new
query is performed or is it enough with simply executing it once and then
executing the DbiQExec() function for the actual query?

(pfd is a pointer to an array of FLDDesc structures, as it should be).

I will greatly appreciate any light on this subject...

Franz J Fortuny

Sun, 10 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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