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 Table editing/navigation

I am using Paradox for Windows and am having difficulty with a few things.  Can
anyone provide one or several solutions?  Thanks a lot.

        - Formatting a time field (what a pain).  A field in a table has a
picture defined as "##:##:##".  This makes user entry easy because they don't
have to enter ":"s, but when I attempt to assign the field in ObjectPAL code
from the Time() function, if any of the units are less than two digits, it
violates the validity checks for the field.  Example: if the time is 12:04:09,
Time() returns 12:4:9.  This may have been solved by allowing a "Time" field
type in tables like they have for "Date", then alls this would be unnecessary.

        - How do you bind a group of UIObjects (fields) on a form to an array
of UIObjects elegantly.  I brute-forced it in the forms open by methodically
attaching each object as given below:
        UIObj[1] = Copy1        ; Copy1 is field on form

Can't this be done by retrieving some type of reference to the field based on
its position in the form?

See forms data model below for next two problems:

        - "Table is curently locked by another module" error which I believe
has something to do with the fact that I am accessing tables with a hybrid of
methods (via forms & TCursors).  Usually when I move off the record via the
speedbar, the records are stored fine.  This says to me that I'm processing the
records improperly.  Big revelation there, huh? :-)

        - How do you set TAB behavior to keep user on current page and not fly
to another page inadvertently?

DATA MODEL for MAIN form (all one-to-one unless noted differently):


Main form consists of five pages:

        - Main
        - Notes
        - PubReq
        - GenMed
        - Fraud
Except for CALL.ID (the common field), the four latter pages only have fields
bound to their respective tables.  The main page has field from the CALL,
PUBREQ, and PHONE tables.

Sat, 24 Aug 1996 19:34:54 GMT
 Table editing/navigation

 >         - How do you set TAB behavior to keep user on current page and not fly >  
 > to another page inadvertently?

For this, I had prpoblems, and recommend a combination of the following
strategies (some are mutually exclusive):

a) Do you need multi-page forms at all? I started using 'em and have since
migrated away since single-page forms are quicker to load, easier to
maintain and much easier to manage.

b) Put a dummy (hidden) field last in your TAB list, catch the TAB arrival
there and do whatever is then necessary for your app (e.g. return to another

c) Use the form's keyphysical to disable TAB unless in the right place at
the right time.

d) Don't forget to disable/"handle" the super-tabs (F3 F4) and some paging
actions which can result from normal arrow/ENTER use!

e) Do you need multi-page forms at all? etc.


             Peter Hyde, South Pacific Information Services Ltd
    Christchurch, New Zealand -- As close to Oz as the U.K. is to Albania

          (please use c.d.paradox for all relevant messages)

Fri, 30 Aug 1996 06:32:03 GMT
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