repost of a problem with ImportSpreadsheet 
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 repost of a problem with ImportSpreadsheet

I'm reposting this 'cause no one commented on this.
Any ideas, anyone?

>Hello, all,
>The Paradox for Windows 5.0 reference manual says:
>   --------------------------------------------------------------
>    importSpreadsheet(const fileName String,
>                      const tableName String,
>                      const fromCell String,
>                      const toCell String
>                      [, const getFieldNames Logical])

>    Using this procedure, you can write ObjectPAL code to duplicate
>    the functionality of the Spreadsheet Import dialog box.
>    ---------------------------------------------------------------
>I've been trying to use it and have had some problems.
>    1. The dialog box supplies default values for fromCell and
>       toCell which cover the spreadsheet.  The method requires
>       a range but I see no way of finding the range in code.
>    2. The dialog box doesn't require that tableName already
>       exist but the method does.  In my case, that doesn't
>       matter but for a more flexible application, it would
>       be more than a nuisance.
>    3. I looked at the spreadsheet (with QPro 5.0) and found the
>       range and I created the table.  Then I ran
>       importSpreadsheet() without error but tableName has 0
>       records.  I supplied only the source and destination to
>       the dialog box and tableName was created just fine.

>I contend that importSpreadsheet() does not "duplicate the
>functionality..." but would love to hear that I've missed something.

Pdoxwin.exe is dated August 5, 1994.  Does anyone know if
there have been any revisions since then?


University of Colorado       Denver, CO

Tue, 03 Jun 1997 19:52:52 GMT
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