Assistance with Normalization 
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 Assistance with Normalization

Does anyone know of a program to help with putting a relational
database into 3rd normal form?  It could take the form of an
expert system but any program assistant would do.

-- ray

Fri, 05 Jul 1996 16:23:12 GMT
 Assistance with Normalization

Well, the only tool I know of to put a database in any normal form,
wether it's First normal form or BCNF, is a pen and a sheet of paper...

Third normal form is the state of a database which has no table with
fields that are dependant, in a transitory fashion, on the primary
key field.

The most simple example of a table that is NOT in third normal form
is a CUSTOMER table which has a "region" field. The "region" field
is directly dependant on the "state" or "province" field, which in  
turn is dependant on the "cust_no" field, since it is the customer
that lives in a state, and it is the state that is part of a region.

By just looking at your table structures, you should be able to quickly
see the relationships between fields, and putting your table in Third
Normal Form will become an exercise that should not require any
Expert System...

If you want more on Database Normalization, I recommend the following

Relational Database Design
by Hawryskiewycz
at Prentice Hall 1990

Francois Gamache

Sat, 06 Jul 1996 01:07:00 GMT
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