Multi-User Database Problem - Please Help 
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 Multi-User Database Problem - Please Help

I am a first time newsgroup user ! I would be grateful if anyone could offer
me some advice on the following :-

I am running a multi-user Delphi 3.1/Paradox database application running on
4 off Windows 95 clients, with the database files residing on a Windows NT
Server. Its a file Server based application.

Each of the clients has a Private Directory set-up locally on their
respective C Drives, and all point to a common Network Control file on the
Server. All have the Local Shares set to True within the BDE and have all
been set-up with the exactly the same version of the BDE.

My problem is that this configuration works fine on a 10 MHz Ethernet (Coax)
network, but when we have moved forward to a 100 MHz Ethernet (with a Hub) I
cannot get it to work reliably. As Soon as two concurrent users attempt
simultaneous operations I suffer from Index out of Date Errors on my
Maintained secondary indexes

The application has been working fine for 18 months without problems in the
old network configuration.

Please Help its driving me mad - !!!!

Sat, 22 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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