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 WIN: ObjectPal query + keywords

Hi All, I need some help with the following...

One of my tables holds information about customers.
Cutomers are uniquely identifed by an "Account Key", a 4
letter alphanumeric value. While testing my current
application with some test data I stumbled upon the
following problem.
One the test data customers I have is
  Calculus Shakers and Makers  (from the spine of nearby text)
and its Account Key is
now in a standard Object Pal query I have the following...

  qq = query

  table.db   |Account Key   |Name |....etc
             |~acky         |Check|...


this query normally works fine but I get runtime syntax errors
when using "calc" as the "acky" value.
Obviously Paradox can not tell what context I am using the word calc
in. This is slightly annoying. What is the workaround????
(or am I, for the rest of time, going to have to check all fields
in all my applications for QBE keywords!!!!)

TIA, Jason.

        Zeros and Ones will take us there....
        peace. plastic. 1994.

Sun, 23 Jun 1996 06:56:20 GMT
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