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 Infusion BBS Software

I just thought I'd let everyone know....

There is finally a BBS Software with all of the great features of OBV/2 and Iniquity, but without the bugs and bad
support.  Infusion BBS Software is a new generation in BBS Software, modeled after OBV/2 and Iniquity with everything
that the sysop can imagine..and more.

Some basic features are:

o Multi-node upto 255 concurrent users
o Light-bar support [arrow keys]
o Requires NO Fossil Driver [selectable FOSSIL, ASYNC, and Digiboard for each node]
o Online Configuration [menu editor, string editor, evemt editor, node editor, system editor, etc]
o Pipe Color Codes
o MCI Codes
o Powerful scripting language
o Internal One-Liners, Blacklist, voting booth, etc
o Internal Z-Modem, X-Modem, Y-Modem, Y-modem-g [no limit to external protocols]
o Internal COMM Program with internal protocols, Auto Up/DL
o Great support
o Basically all of the great features of OBV/2 and Iniquity combined

Infusion has been picked up by fuEl [international art group], and Infusion 1.0th will be released June 10th.

Come to the Infusion Home-Page at http://www.***.com/ ~sparky/ibbs/ and jump into the JAVA Based Chatroom,
or come to the ANNEX, the official Infusion IRC Server [] #infusion / #bbs


Thu, 28 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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