Aliases mangled by 32 bit DB Desktop??? 
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 Aliases mangled by 32 bit DB Desktop???

I've always had trouble getting my aliases to work in both 16 and 32
bit Borland tools.  With a recent disaster, I decided to simply have
two IDAPI config files, one for 16 bit and one for 32 bit tools.

Using bdecfg32, I recreated my Paradox and ODBC aliases.  I also set
Options/Configure win3.1 OFF.  Now the win32 apps I've written can see
my aliases but Database Desktop sees only Work and Priv in its Alias
Manager, and the Database Explorer reports a stream of "Object not
found" messages.  The registry settings (NT4) look correct in that the
configfile01 points at the file for 32 bit IDAPI and SaveConfig is set
to WIN32.

Any ideas on how to clean this up?

Frank Burleigh 812-333-7082 (h); 812-855-9170 (o); 812-855-0555 (fax)
School of Law 254, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN  47405

Sat, 09 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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