Sorting calculated fields in a report 
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 Sorting calculated fields in a report

Attention seasoned Paradox 7 app developers:

I know how to create calculated fields, and sort them in tables and
custom forms, as well as sort records on data entry fields in a report.
However I have not been able to sort (in a report) records by a
CALCULATED field.  I apply the same methodology to a calculated field
that I do on a data entry field (by sorting in the record band on the
report) and it doesn't work!!! What's the deal?  Every Paradox book, as
well as the online help shows how to sort records in a report by a data
entry field, but does not mention anything about being able to sort
records in a report by a CALCULATED field. Is this because it is not

I feel that the real usefulness of a report, is to not only be able to
sort by data entry fields, but most importantly, by a CALCULATED field.
If I cannot do this, then a report in my application is worthless.  This
is the only thing holding me back from developing my install shield and
distributing this application.  I would define a query if it were going
to help me, but I need the results in a report, and not the "ANSWER.DB"
temporary file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Sonny Elmore

Fri, 08 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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