Help needed calculating fields 
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 Help needed calculating fields

I'm having some difficulty calculating prices in a multi-table database.
The problem is that part of the information needed to compute prices
is held in the parent table (ORDERS) while the remainder is in the
detail lines (DELIVERY).  My data model looks like this:

        ORDERS =====> DELIVERY

It's easy enough to compute the price when entering a delivery.

My problem comes when the data in the ORDERS table changes.  How do
I update the price for every item in the DELIVERY table?  Paradox
does the right thing with calculated fields, but I need to save the
results in the database (in case the prices change, for example.)

Is there a way to use calculated fields but store their results in
the table?

                                -- Rassilon

Sat, 24 Aug 1996 00:26:22 GMT
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