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 ExecuteSQL Err - Table already exists

Howdy All. Thanks to Fredric Bouchard (pardon spelling, if mangled,
doing this from mem vice msg) for prev SQL tip.
However, I have a new problem when converting old code which used
ExecuteSQLString to readFromString and ExecuteSQL. BTW, ExecuteSQLstring
also worked w/initial batch then gave a similar err. You are able to
complete processing batch after getting err when exiting Paradox
completely and restarting Paradox...Problem w/following code is that
when run with initial batch it works - at least, it did before I started
"mangling the code."

However, with the the next batch gives the error:
An error was triggered in the ExecuteSQL method of an object of SQL
type. >> File already exists. Table: C:\acstest\private\statchg.db.

I'm not sure if issue is problem is deleting table or with SQL string
passed to ExecuteSQL. Aliases point to local tables for testing but
production tables are located on an NTServer 4.0 w/SP5 box. Users are
mix of W95/98 and NT4 workstations.

Additionally, having researched this newsgrp on ExecuteSQL found that
maybe I should also add quotes around fieldnames...still same err. Have
not tried to see what results obtained if I enter statement in Local SQL
editor and save then insert into code below.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions on this issue.


; Print the DQStatus Change report
  dbpriv  database
  thesql  string
  therep  report
  thenews ReportPrintinfo
  thefile string
  thetable table
  SQLVar                SQL

  FS                    Filesystem
  DeleteDB      String

if not dbpriv.open(":PRIV:") then
  msginfo("Report problem","Unable to print Status Change Report")


if fs.findFirst(DeleteDb) THEN                  <-- changed code from
istable()..delete() below to this
        fs.delete(deleteDB)                     <-- same err
        message(":PRIV:statchg.db deleted!")


if thetable.istable() then
  message(":PRIV:statchg.db deleted!")


thefile = "\":PRIV:" + string(batchnum) + "bat\""

thesql = "SELECT DISTINCT d.\"UnitNumFK\", d.\"AssnNumFK\",
d.\"DQStatBefore\", d.\"DQStatAfter\",
          d.\"ItemNum\", D1.\"StAddress\", ((D2.\"LastName\" || ', ') ||
D2.\"FirstName\") AS Fullname
          FROM " + thefile + " d,\":haidata:Unitmast\"
D1,\":haidata:peplmast\" D2
          WHERE (d.\"DQStatBefore\" <> 'CU') AND (d.\"DQStatAfter\" =
          AND (D1.\"UnitNumPK\" = d.\"UnitNumFK\") AND (D2.\"PeplNumPK\"
= D1.\"PeplNumFK\")"

; changed from executeSQLString to ReadFromString w/executeSQL
IF NOT SQLVar.executeSQL(dbpriv,":PRIV:statchg.db") THEN
        errorshow("SQLVAR did NOT run!")
        message("SQLVAR ran")

Original code which also experienced err....
{if not executeSQLstring(dbpriv,thesql,":PRIV:statchg.db") then
  msginfo("messed up","prtDQstatchg")


Sun, 08 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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