Pdox 5.0 (win 3.1) - Network 
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 Pdox 5.0 (win 3.1) - Network

Which version of Pdox 5.0 and IDAPI are you using?  To check, bring up
the Help | About dialog and press Alt-I, and report back on what you
see for the "internal" build no and the Lego date.



>I have checked out the Borland homepage/FTP site and this
>newsgroup with no luck yet, so here goes...
>I am using Lantastic v6.0 w/ Paradox v5.0 on a small network.
>The shared tables,forms,etc. are on the server drive D:\
>referenced by Lantastic.  
>Share is loaded at startup on all machines.
>Paradox is resident on the workstations and their IDAPI refers
>to the only copy of file pdoxusrs.net on D:\
>All seems peachy until I open a table on workstation "A", place a
>record in edit mode (auto locks record) and then open the same
>table on workstation "B". Paradox allows me to edit the same
>record even when an explicit lock comes from machine "A".
>I followed the user manual and a tech. doc from Borland, but
>could have easily overlooked the obvious. Any suggestions would
>be *Greatly* appreciated...I am pulling hair out to get this app.
>off the ground at work!

Mon, 16 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 Pdox 5.0 (win 3.1) - Network

It sounds like the data itself is not accessed via
the exact same path on each machine, and Pdox doesn't
know that it's the same table..

Steve Green - Diamond Software Group - Waldorf, MD, USA
71543,2577 Compuserve - TBMG62A Prodigy - I am a member
of the TeamB Tech Support staff for ParadoxDOS but I do
not represent Borland Int'l in any official capacity

Mon, 16 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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