Reports w/ Formatted Memo Fields (pdoxwin) 
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 Reports w/ Formatted Memo Fields (pdoxwin)


> I am bringing Word Perfect files into a formatted memo field by way of the
> clipboard. When the document is more than one page long, Paradox is unable
> to handle it in the report. Is there a way around this?

> Thanks for your help.
> DJ

        Someone else (?peter) also recently posted about a question about
this type of problem, so maybe this will help both of you...
        I'm using Pdoxwin 4.5, and am also transferring WP (win 6.0a) files
into formatted memo fields via the clipboard.  In reports, the memo fields
are embedded in text boxes with the breakable property checked. I had to
tinker around with getting the field and box drawn the same width (but not
height) as the original WP document. The memo fields do print longer than
1 page.
        Please let me know if this doesn't work in v6.0 - I'm getting
ready to upgrade!

M. Synnestvedt

Tue, 11 Mar 1997 23:23:56 GMT
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