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 Printing problem

: We have observed a printing problem when using PDOXWIN 4.5 on a
: netware LAN with an HP 4ML.  Certain interger numbers in certain
: character fields will not print.  For example, we could not print the
: number "2", although "NA", "1" and "1 1/2" all printed fine for this
: LZ  field.  When we changed the printer setup from 600 dpi resolution
: to 300 dpi the problem vanished.  Another user routed to another
: printer printed the LZ field fine, but would not print the interger
: "1" in the SG field.  Weird!  The data is fine.  This can be a real
: pain when you have to proof your printout to be certain all fields
: printed.  Can anyone help?

You may want to check to ensure that you have the most updated drivers for
that particular type of printer.  To me, changing the resolution, which
fixes the problem, sounds more like a Windows/HP/print problem rather than
a Paradox problem.

Andrew Bennett

Wed, 08 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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