Help with UIObject Fields Needed 
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 Help with UIObject Fields Needed

>    Can someone send me some example code that will
>    show me how to use a method to set the list values in
>    an unbound Field UIObject -

  I use the following 'approach' to the same problem:

  AField        - the unbound field object(drop-down edit or list)
  AField.theList- list object of the field

  place code e.g. in fields arrive method:
method arrive(var eventInfo MoveEvent)
        ar      array[] String
        i       Smallint



AField.theList.list.count=0             ; reset the list

for i from 1 to ar.size()


  Hope this was what you were looking for...

  Veikko Vaataja

Tue, 23 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT
 Help with UIObject Fields Needed

    Can someone send me some example code that will
        show me how to use a method to set the list values in
        an unbound Field UIObject -

                I want to present a (changing) set of choices.
                in a questioniarre. General idea is to ask user
                to click on a "next question" button, which
                will set a field on the display form to hold , as a list,
                the set the text of set of possible answers (yes,no,...).

                When user clicks on the Field object, have its mouseClick
                method store the selected answer as a table.

                Problem is, I cannot find how to use Object PAL to
                 dynamically reset the list items in the field.

                 Any suggestions ?

                 thanks for your help  


Tue, 23 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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