Protection of Paradox tables 
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 Protection of Paradox tables

I've to add a password to paradox tables in my program.
My code to a table is the following:

            MyTable->TableName = "table";
            StrPCopy(PdxStruct.szTblName, MyTable->TableName);
            lstrcpy(PdxStruct.szTblType, szPARADOX);
            StrPCopy(PdxStruct.szPassword, Contrasena);
            PdxStruct.bPack = TRUE;
            PdxStruct.bProtected = TRUE;
            Chk(DbiDoRestructure(hDb, 1, &PdxStruct,
                NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE));

When the table is small (few datas), the process is very speed, but
when the table is big (15 MB) and it has some indexs (for example,4)
the process is very slow.
How can I do that the process is been more speed?

Thanks in advanced

Mon, 12 Dec 2005 23:42:49 GMT
 Protection of Paradox tables


> How can I do that the process is been more speed?

try doing it on an empty table, then adding the data.. it might be
faster.. but the bottom line is that encrypting a table takes time, and
writing to an encrypted table takes time..


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Mon, 12 Dec 2005 23:42:38 GMT
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