Highlight Field [Win 4.5] 
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 Highlight Field [Win 4.5]

The recent thread asking questions about Highlight Field for DOS
jarred loose a question I figured I would eventually stumble across
the answer to but as yet...well to the chase..

When accessing PDox in edit mode I would like to

1) Disable the Default Highlight (relying solely on blinking cursor)

2) Set Color property for Highlight (other than black)

If there is a way to set the Highlight color in Win VersionI can
envision a way to have my cake and eat it to by setting the
Highlight.Color  to match the Field.Color I should get my wish.

Problem is I cannot find a setHighlight.Color convention to use.
Thanks for taking the time to read or respond.

Allan-- " I'll program for food"-- (no "you must be starving " jokes
please)-- Cory

Sat, 23 Nov 1996 11:27:02 GMT
 Highlight Field [Win 4.5]

Figures as soon as you get the nerve up to expose your stupidity you
stumble upon the answer...

I discovered getTarget's ability to manipulate Highlight
Field...thank you for patience with this un-meant rhetorical clutter.

Allan ("getting skinnier by the day") Cory

Sun, 24 Nov 1996 01:41:04 GMT
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