PXWin 4.5 w/Win for Workgroups Aliases 
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 PXWin 4.5 w/Win for Workgroups Aliases

Has anyone else run into the problem of trying to assign a common
odapi.cfg file in a workgroups enviornment?  The problem I'm having is
that (and I did not do the WrkGrp implemenation myself)
each workstation refers to the system drive by a different letter.  So if
Betty wants at access the sys drive form her client, she looks for drive
E.  If linda wants to access from hers, she looks for drive D.  The server
PC calls the drive C.  This is all fine, except if you create a commom
ODAPI.cfg file for the entire system, their aliases will all refer to ,
say, drive D, making 2 of the 3
     The other approach I tried was to put one, separate  ODAPI.cfg on
each station.  The problem there is that if they want to create an alias
to be used on all stations the must create the alias once for each
station.  This is sure to go sour as the they are a very "hands off" kind
of client.
     Am I alone on this one, or is it that I am just missing the
                Thanks, ADAM
\\\\\//////////     Adam Jones

   \__ ~ /      Occupation: Humble Software Consultant, Tech Services

Sun, 28 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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