PDOXWIN 7.0 - Bugs? 
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 PDOXWIN 7.0 - Bugs?

I solved the problem with the missing New and Open items on the File Menu
that would occur only when Exchange was running.  It seems that PDOXWIN 7
is more of a memory hog than previous versions, and it doesn't let you
know you are running out of memory very elegantly.  When I got rid of a
tray item that allowed dynamic screen resolution changes, I could load 2
forms, but on the third would get a GPF.  I then increased the size of my
swap file from 10 meg to 20 meg.  This fixed the problem.  Mind you, I
have 20 Meg of RAM to start with!  I would need to expand further if I
wanted Exchange, PDOXWIN, and, say, Word Perfect all open at the same

This sort of memory usage is pushing me more toward Delphi for projects...

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions.  Hope this helps anyone else
who runs into this apparent anomaly.

Wed, 22 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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