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 Text file pre-processor

IB>: I have a HUGE text file that I need imported into a database.

IB>: I would like to cut the individual lines in the test file and place tabs
IB>: between all the relavent information, which should then be easier to
IB>: import.

IB>: basically, I'm wondering of there are any shareware programs out there
IB>: which are screen oriented, and simply take a text file and cut it up into
IB>: tab delimited records.

IB>: Basically I would like the program's screen to look like this.

IB>:            Rec1     Rec2   Rec3       Rec4

IB>:          |aaaaaa|bbbbbbb|ccccccccc|dddddddddd|
IB>:          |aaaaaa|bbbbbbb|ccccccccc|dddddddddd|
IB>:          |aaaaaa|bbbbbbb|ccccccccc|dddddddddd|
IB>:          |aaaaaa|bbbbbbb|ccccccccc|dddddddddd|
IB>:          |aaaaaa|bbbbbbb|ccccccccc|dddddddddd|
IB>:          ^      ^       ^         ^          ^
IB>:        Lines are movable, and program automatically calculates start
IB>:        and stop position for each record.  You can mark the records you
IB>:        want to extract then the program extracts all marked fields
IB>:        into a tab delimited file, or possibly a .dbf file.

IB>: The reason I'm looking for something screen oriented is I do alot of
IB>: importing like this...and the database I have is set up to ask me start an
IB>: stop positions of each record, then it imports them into its database.

IB>: Does anybody know of a program like this?

IB>: Thanks in advance

IB>: Sean
IB>: -------------
IB>:     Sean T. Finney            |  Notice: All speling and/or grametical


Borland has a program that does exactly this.  It's called FLIMPORT.
You set the start and stop positions and it imports into Paradox
databases.  It will CREATE/OVERWRITE/APPEND.  And it will keep the
configuration for future use.  It's available from Borland's BBS for


Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:42:40 GMT
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