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 * Paradox <- 3 * Novell -> Interbase

I can not say how Interbase works, but if it is anything like SYBASE, the
PDoxnet lock file is irrelavent to the Database server access.. In a
Client-Server architecture, typically the Database server handles locks for
you implicitly.  THere is no need for a local workstation or network based
lock file for synchronization since the Database server is the only route to
the Data on the harddisk anyway.

Generally you need a local lock file on the network when you are using FILE
SERVER based databases because you need some mechanism to make sure users of
Pdox on other computers know you are accessing a record on the network since
you are accessing the data via physical files on the file server.  On a
DATABASE SERVER, this problem goes away since you do not have physical access
to the data files -- you simply send SQL messages saying "This is what I want,
give it to me".  ANd the server handles all locking and concurrency issues

This is of course, a simplified way of stating the issue of ClientServer vs
Paradox Tables on the network... But I hope it helps.  This is definately
applicaple to SYBASE and thus, I suspect, applicable to INTERBASE since
Interbase is a database server that accepts SQL Messages -- Paradox does not
access the Interbase data files physically.

  Gunther Birznieks

Fri, 23 Aug 1996 11:24:59 GMT
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