Updating an underlying table 
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 Updating an underlying table

Here is the scenario, running V 7 on Win 98:

These actions take place when the user presses a pushbutton on a form.
The form contains the table "Prospect" and table frame for table
"Status;" in a one-many relationship. Status records actions taken with
respect to the prospects.

Structure, broadly:

Prospect_ID    I    *
Field 2
Field 3, etc.

ID    I    *
Prospect_ID    I    (secondary index)
Field 3
Field 4, etc.

Now here is the challenge. When the user presses the button, either the
existing record is exported to Winword to be mailmerged into a letter or
that record is added to a "Holding_" table which will later be exported,

When I do individual records, I have incorporated the updating of the
status table by kludging: after exporting the "answer" table (one
record, produced by a query on the button). another button on the form
is pushed with updates the "Status" tableframe (on page two of the
form). This is a kludge, but it works.

My challenge at this point is to write the code for the updating of the
status table for the records that had been added to the "holding_" table
and now need to show that this action (in this case, the sending of a
letter) has taken place. The records that go into the "Holding_" table
have their key as part of the record. I need to add records to Status to
reflect the action taken for those records of Prospect. The Status table
needs to be incremented, a record added, the Prospect_ID field of that
record to reflect the record etc.

I hope someone can help wade through this & give me a hand.

Mon, 10 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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