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 easy question from new user

Hello experienced users of Paradox.
I have a number of questions that I hope can be answered simply.
I am using 5.0 for Windows. I am using QUE's "Using Paradox 5 for
Windows" as my source manual.

Question 1. Can Paradox support through ObjectPal, or any other onboard
            application, a data entry page that allows a user to edit and add
            records to multiple tables simultaneously?
                An example might be:
                Table Timetable contains a number of fields including
                Course_type, Course_name, Section as Primary keys with
                additional fields such as Term, Time, Section_info.

                Table Enroll contains the same 3 fields as Primary keys,
                namely Course_type, Course_name, Section and the additional
                fields Course_limit, Number_enrolled

                What I want to do is create a data entry form that has the
                following fields to be filled in:

                After the user fills in ALL the fields, they hit an update
                button that automatically adds records to both the Timetable
                and Enroll tables simultaneously, filling in all fields of
                the record in both tables. ( The common information are the
                key fields.)

                I realize that this is the essence of database packages,
                but I cannot figure out how to do this with Paradox 5.0        

Problem/Question 2.
                Does 5.0 support Views and Nested SELECT statments. I
                tried last night and got the message "capability unsupported"
                Is this problem with my set-up locally, or common to 5.0?

Problem/Question 3.
                When running some SQL statements, I find that the use of
                the IN command seem to read only the first element in the
                brackets after the IN command.

                eg. I am trying to find all the courses that 2 profs teach.
                My SQL statment looks something like this:

                SELECT Instructor_name, Course_type, Course_number
                FROM Instructor
                WHERE Instructor_name IN ("Smartie", "GreyBeard")

                If I run it this way, I get only the courses that Smartie
                teaches. If I run it transposing Smartie and GreyBeard in my
                IN command, then I get only the courses that GreyBeard
                Am I doing something obviously wrong?

        Any help would be appreciated. Also, if someone tells me where I
        can find a FAQ on 5.0, I am sure that some of my future obvious
        questions could be eliminated.

        thank you

        paul batte

Sun, 05 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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