Graph Disapears Pdox7 Win 3.1 
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 Graph Disapears Pdox7 Win 3.1

Pdox 7 Win 3.1
I have a form that displays a graph and a multi-record object.  It has a
1>M table relationship with several tables on the many side.  Another
form displays with it with a similiarly structed data model.
The second form takes data input, the second displays it graphically,
the multi-record object provides hiliting on the graph.
The data input form calls a library routine that opens seven or so
tables (some the same that are already displayed by the 2 forms).
Once the library routine is called the graph display goes blank.
Sometimes the multi-record object does as well.  If the multi-record
object goes blank then calls like this: graphform.myrecord.ID.value
produce the error "Table '' does not contain the field ID" (or something
like that.
I can get no other errors to display.  Have I reached some sort of limit
on tcursors (I do NOT get the error petoomanycursors)?
Is there a way to get the graph to redisplay (datarefresh etc does not

Fri, 03 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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