HELP! Paradox 5.0 for Win Crashes on exit 
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 HELP! Paradox 5.0 for Win Crashes on exit

Hi all:

I've had Paradox for Windows 5.0 for quite some time and I have used it
in the past without problems.  I have recently reinstalled on my PC and
now, every time I exit the program, it crashes.  The standard CANCEL,
IGNORE error box pops up and it seems whatever changeds I make to the
desktop, it does not save.

Has anyone ran into this problem before, and do you know of a fix or
patch that might be available?  I am using Win95 on a Pentium 120 with
32MB RAM, 1.6GB HD with plenty of free space on it.


Marius Baciu

Sun, 05 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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