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 Help! TCursor and UIObject


Why don't you simply use the "menuRecordLocateValue" constant?  From what I unserstand, it would appear well
suited to your needs.  Just create a button, and insert the following code in the button's "pushbutton"


You can also create another button & insert the following code in its "pushbutton" method:
This constant will search the next occurence of the value that you've previously specified in the "Locate
value" dialog box.

Yves Lafortune
Stella Maris Systems

North Bay, On


> form.  The catalog uses two diferent tables on a 1:1 relationship.  I
> do not want to creat a query to generate the catalog because it is too
> slow.   I would like to merge these two tables to put the Item
> description in whith the primary table but this would cause too much
> redesign.  
> I want to search for the discription and comments of the secondary
> table.  Can I do this by attaching a tcursor to the UIObject
> displaying the fields from these two tables on the form.
> I have tried this but it does not seem to work.  It would work if all
> the fields were in the same table.  My catalog uses a SetGenFilter
> based on Item types in the primary table.  I only want to search the
> records that are currently being displayed based on the SetGenFilter.
> At the present time I am using a tcursor to search the secondayr field
> and then researching for the item in the primary table.  There is
> probably a simple solution that I am overlooking.

> Primary table

> ItemCode
> ItemType
> ....Other

> Secondary table
> Item Code
> Description
> Comments
> ...

> UIObject on form

> Item Code (from Primary)
> Description
> Comments
> ...Other

> The fields displayed are based on a filter of ItemType.

> Any simple solutions would be greatly apprciated.

> Best Regards
> Randy Fraser

Fri, 08 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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