Paradox 4.5 Problems in Windows NT/WFW environment 
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 Paradox 4.5 Problems in Windows NT/WFW environment

I built a DOS-based customized PAL system with 65 scripts (13,000 lines of code), over 140 tables,
and over 40 reports. The original environment was Banyan server using Windows 3.1. I originally set
up the system in 4.0 and used Paradox runtime 4.0 to run the system over a LAN. This system ran
daily very well for seven months, UNTIL a Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 3.11 were installed.

The system started losing tables, settings, & validation rules. Additionally it had memory errors and
corrupted tables. I was spending eight hours trying support my clients who were trying to do a 45
minute daily data entry process on this system! This system must run daily 365 day a year without fail.

I initiated the following fixes which have stabilized things, somewhat.
1. Each Autoexec.bat file
   a. share loaded low with environment space bumped to 8092 and files to 50
2. Each Config.sys file
  a. files=100
  b. buffers=80
3. Increased the PIF file's resource requirements
4. Changed to Paradox 4.5 & Paradox Runtime 4.5
5. Setup a nightly backup utilitizing Tutility's Verify function on all 140 tables

I am still losing tables, having memory problems, and experiencing failed scripts because of corrupt

Question: IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE THAT I CAN DO (besides rewriting it in a windows database



Thu, 02 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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