Problem with DLL function writing to a file 
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 Problem with DLL function writing to a file



>I have a problem whics is driving me crazy. I have a set of functions,
>written in C , to write log information into a file. In the Action
>method at the form level, I use these functions to write information
>when a record is changed. I do this when the record is Unlocked.

>Some times it works, but some times I get a message from one of
>my DLL functions, saying "Bad file Number", which is caused by one
>of my tests, where I test the accessibility of the file.

>I have tried to track down what causes this file pointer to be destroyed,
>but without success. It's probably the code in my form ,that in some
>situations destroy the file pointer.

>Any help appreciated. It could be that someone have a similar problem.

I would suspect the problem is actually in your DLL - if your form tried to access
(and overwrite) the DLL's data segment, it would (should?) generate a General
Protection fault.

If the source code for your DLL is accessible, I'd suggest going over it very
carefully, paying particular attention to any pointers that are used.

Also, make sure that the ObjectPAL Uses statement correctly matches your
function prototype.  Check to make sure you aren't trying to pass any complex
data types - ObjectPAL really only handles the basic types, such as int, longint,
float, and so on.

If the source for the DLL isn't too large, and is not confidential, you can email
it to me and I'll take a look at it, if you like.


Fri, 24 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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