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Steve Grady
Borland International Inc.
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SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- March 2, 1994 -- Borland International Inc.
(NASDAQ:BORL) today expanded its free technical support offerings by
making product information, sample code, template files, utilities and
the latest technical information available on the Internet, the world's
largest computer network.  By becoming an Internet File Transfer
Protocol (FTP) site, Borland is making this information available to
the millions of Internet users worldwide, seven days a week, 24-hour a
day.  "In the past five years, Internet has experienced tremendous
growth and this is another way to proactively reach our user base,"
said Eric Ornas, director of Technical Support for Borland.  "Internet
is especially popular in the government and educational institutions
where Borland products are used extensively."

The addition of a download service on the Internet expands Borland Up
and Running, a series of free technical support services available
through Borland Assist, the company's comprehensive technical support
program.  In addition to having download capabilities through Internet,
users can also download product information via the Borland Download
Bulletin Board Service, Borland Online Automated Support and the
company's on-line support forums on CompuServe, GEnie and BIX.   Users
can also access information via the Borland 800-Automated Support, which
provides recorded messages answering common questions and product other
product information, and TechFax, an automated service that sends free
technical support information to the users fax machine.

"We want to provide a variety of ways for users to access technical
support information," added Ornas.  "We will continue to extend our
technical support services whenever possible to make getting answers to
technical questions fast and easy."

Customers can access the Borland FTP files at ""  To
help customers get the right information quickly, Borland is also
providing access to its Online Automated Support service via the Internet.  
This application provides "guided" access Borland information via an
interactive menu system.  The Borland OAS service is updated weekly with
the latest technical support information. For more information on these
services or any of Borland's technical support programs, call 1-800-523-7070.

For millions of software developers and end users worldwide, Borland
International Inc. is the leader in application development software.  A
pioneer in the use of object-oriented technology, Borland is committed to
offering the world's best database management, programming languages,
development tools, spreadsheets and applications software. Borland's
products include dBASE, Paradox, InterBase, Quattro Pro,  Borland C++ and
Borland Pascal with Objects. Founded in 1983 by Philippe Kahn, Borland is
headquartered in Scotts Valley, California.

Wed, 21 Aug 1996 01:55:12 GMT
 Borland FTP Site



... and right after I finish updating the FAQ, no less.

Oh well, middle of the month, I'll have an update.
Joel Finkle
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