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I am using Paradox 7 for windows95.  I have just created a form based on a
paradox table of about 1500 records and 27 fields.  I would like to work
pre{*filter*}ly in form view - eg for editing, adding new records etc.
However, I need some help regarding the following:

1.  I have spent hours designing the layout and structure of my form.
I'd love to have that structure as a sort of a template/style so that
other similar forms could be based on it: for example, I have to create
the same form for the office and home computers.  I've tried saving my
newly created form as a style sheet - but it saved only the properties of
the form - like its color, font, frame, patterns etc.  It did not save the
arrangement of the fields with these other properties.  I'd love to have
the arrangement, ie the structure/layout of the form saved so that I don't
have to spend gruelling hours structuring the form for another machine.

2.  Aside using "insert" record command, is there any other way of adding
new records to a form?.  When I insert a record, there is no way of
knowing if the record has been saved.  I have to go out of edit view and
back again or do a search for the record to find out if it is actually
saved. Most often, it is there but is there a way to know if the record
has been added to the database/form, instead of doing a search?

3.  I'd love to synchronise table view and form view in such a
way that if I'm looking at a record in table view, I could toggle to form
view to see that record in detail.  F7 does take one to form view, but it
attempts to create a new form - which isn't what I want.  

Thanks in advance for your help.  Please, email a copy of your responses


Sat, 16 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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