MakeExpTree in Pdox 4.5 for dos. 
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 MakeExpTree in Pdox 4.5 for dos.

UNEXPECTED CONDITION: MakeExpTree  Leaving Paradox

This happens quite frequently but not all of the time.  I believe it is
due to a script I am running to calculate new balances after payments
have been received.  Since the calculated answer should return a 0, I'm
not sure why it errors out.  Can anyone point me in the direction to

Also I am currently running Dos 4.5, I know I need to upgrade to a
Windows version of some sort, but am not sure where to go.  I do know I
don't want MSAcess.  I have Paradox 7.0 and Visual Studio V6.0, since I
will need to learn either of these I would like an opinion on which one
is the best to use for processing data.  We have over 10 stores and are

Thanks,  Carol

Sun, 08 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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